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Disc Golf Information

Some Basic Rules of Disc Golf:

Teeing Off -
Players begin each hole inside a designated tee box.
One foot must be inside the tee box at the time of release.


Throwing from a stance
A player must have a point of contact with the playing surface on the lie.
You may not have any supporting points out of bounds, in contact with the marker or any object in front of you.
After the disc is thrown, supporting points may come in contact with the playing surface in front of your lie except when putting.
Putting happens when your lie is inside a 10-meter radius of the target.
Warnings are given for the first stance violation in a round and all subsequent violations result in a one stroke penalty and re-throw.


Holing Out -
There are two types of targets; basket target and object target.
To hole out on a basket target the disc must come to rest within the bottom cylinder of the basket or within the chains.
A disc on top of the basket or wedged into the side of the cage is not considered holed out.
To hole out on an object target the disc must come into contact with the designated target area.


Out of bounds -
A disc is out of bounds when it is clearly and completely surrounded by the out of bounds area.
A disc that lands out of bounds shall cost one penalty throw.
The player may elect to throw next from the previous lie or a lie that is up to 3 feet from and perpendicular to the point where the disc crossed out of bounds.


Discs used in play
Discs used must meet the conditions set forth by the PDGA.
Any disc modified to alter production to change its original flight characteristics is considered illegal; this does not include normal wear and tear.
Throwing an illegal disc will cost 2 penalty throws without a warning.


Order of play
Teeing order on the first hole is determined by the order of the players on the scorecard.
Teeing on subsequent holes is determined by the score on the previous hole with the lowest score throwing first.
After all players have teed off the player farthest away from the target plays next.



Courtesy rules ensure proper behavior and safety for players on the course and violations of courtesy rules can result in penalties;

Players should take care to not distract other players.

Players are expected to watch where other players' discs go and search for discs in the event they are lost.



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